Legendary criminal defense attorney, who represented the famous and the infamous, has died

At what point do you mention that death finally came for him, filing one motion he could not quash? died Tuesday at age 78. He had been fighting cancer in recent years, and long suffered from a neuromuscular disorder called dystonia that sometimes makes muscles contract involuntarily. He walked with a cane or used a scooter but even that, he used to his legal advantage.

“When he was trying to do something in front of the jury, of course his limp got markedly worse,” said World Business Chicago CEO, a former federal prosecutor and first assistant Cook County state’s attorney. “I saw that happen more times than one.”

“Sometimes when he was cross-examining an eyewitness,” said former U.S. “I would so admire what he was doing, I would forget I’m on the other side.”

Underline the word “criminal” in the sentence above. got many, many defendants off the hook, but that does not mean they were innocent. Just the opposite.

Win or lose, seeing in action was a lifetime experience. Courtroom benches filled when word got around that he was about to cross-examine witnesses. His questioning made jurors wonder if they were tainted by money or revenge or fear.


Criminal Lawyers with 50+ Years’ Experience helping Clients

Most people go their entire life without dealing with the criminal courts.  Unfortunately, there are times when people make mistakes or misjudgments for whatever reason.  They get pulled over for a DUI, they get cited for retail theft, they get involved in a fight, or they are found possessing a controlled substance.

Many people think that just because they were cited or arrested that they are guilty.  This is not the case.  You have to remember, no matter how bad things look, you are innocent until the Commonwealth proves you guilty of each of the charged offenses beyond a reasonable doubt after a full trial in front of a jury of your peers.

That means, if you are charged with a DUI, the Commonwealth has to present compelling evidence and testimony in open court, before a judge and jury, which proves you were driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance which resulted in you being incapable of safe driving.  As you can see, there is a lot they have to do and even more they have to prove.  As a result, the law favors you

The “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard is not to be taken lightly.  It is the highest standard under the law and, believe it or not, very difficult for the Commonwealth to meet.  Even with all the evidence in the Commonwealth’s favor, a defendant still has the absolute right to cross examine the Commonwealth’s witnesses; to question the processes which may or may not have been followed; to present alternate theories as to the facts presented; and to pick apart the evidence used against you through counter witnesses and experts.  Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys can present these and numerous other defenses to create doubt in the jury’s minds and return a verdict of not guilty.

Criminal Defense Lawyers are with you and advising you every step of the way

Did you know that effective representation begins right after your initial contact with law enforcement?  As they say, the best defense is a good offense.  The sooner we get involved the more we can do to aid you.  For instance, we evaluate every encounter to determine whether the police have followed proper protocol when investigating the alleged crime?  Did you feel that you were free to leave or were you placed under arrest?  Did you make any written or oral statements?  Were you alone or with someone?  These questions, and many others


Can Criminal Defense Attorneys Contact Victims?

Criminal charges can be chaotic for you and everyone involved, and you may be uncertain how to move forward and get your life back on track after being accused of an offense. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney will allow your case to be handled by a team that has helped many others who have been in your situation. A skilled attorney will do everything within the scope of the law to bring a successful outcome to your case

This may include speaking with the alleged victim in order to find an acceptable way for all parties to easily resolve legal proceedings. Speaking with a victim may not always make things better for your case. As criminal defense attorneys with years of experience

Who Should and Should Not Contact Victims?

If you have been arrested and are awaiting a hearing or trial, the alleged victim of your offense is a witness in your case, and the evidence they provide may be impactful in determining the outcome. While the police or prosecutor may inform this person that they do not have to speak with anyone if they do not want to, your lawyer has the right to contact them and ask if they’d be willing to discuss what’s going on.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Strengthen Your Case by Contacting the Victim

As your case moves forward, your lawyer will work to build the best defense possible, but it is important to see if there are any factors that will resolve your case before it goes to trial. As criminal defense lawyers, we would like to resolve our clients’ cases successfully and quickly, so we can help you and your family to move on with your lives. Each case is different, but it’s possible that your alleged victim would like to drop the charges. Sometimes this can be done if a lawyer has a productive meeting with them.

A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Criminal prosecutions are taken very seriously, and you can be looking at prison time, large fines, and a permanent record if convicted of an offense. Your best opportunity to protect your rights and freedom comes from having a skilled attorney working for you and contacting any relevant witnesses or alleged victims in your case. Do not attempt to contact the victim on your own without first speaking to your legal counsel, as an experienced lawyer will know how to best move forward with this task.


Things to Consider When Hiring a Defense Attorney

For those that have run afoul of the law, choosing a criminal defense attorney to mount their defense in court can be a life changing decision. Regardless of the gravity of the crime, it’s important to hire an attorney as quickly as possible. In felony cases this rings doubly true, as the stakes are often much higher. But even misdemeanor cases go better for defendants who have an experienced attorney on their side.

When deciding who to trust with the case, the first thing to consider is experience. A law firm that has handled and won many other similar cases is simply better suited for the job. Those accused of serious felony crimes certainly don’t want to trust their futures to lawyers who make most of their bread and butter off fighting traffic tickets.

Consider arranging a consultation with the attorney under consideration before signing a contract. During this meeting, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Try to get a good idea of what kind of similar work he or she has done in the past, what trial strategies would be recommended, and whether or not his or her associated fees are prohibitively high. Do keep in mind, however, that hiring a lawyer is one of the areas in which bargain hunting is not a great idea. When something as serious as a potential criminal conviction is on the line, clients are better off prioritizing skill and experience over lower cost.

The earlier this decision is made, the more time the attorney will have to prepare a client’s case before trial. Often pre-trial agreements in the form of plea bargains or sometimes even dismissals can be arranged, but this requires hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after arrest.

When working with a defense attorney, be sure to communicate openly both about knowledge of the incident and potential defense strategies. And remember that whatever lawyer is ultimately chosen, it’s a good idea to trust his or her judgment. Of course clients should understand and agree with their attorneys’ defense strategies, but keep in mind that the best results will be obtained with an attorney clients trust to make appropriate decisions on their behalf.


Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a crime can be a stressful, prolonged process that can irreparably harm your career, family, and life. If you’re currently facing criminal prosecution or investigation, firm of criminal defense attorneys can give you the help you need.

understand how difficult it can be for you and your loved ones during these trying times. With wealth of knowledge, here to make the process run as smoothly and stress-free as possible. team of attorneys have the experience, passion, and consideration to give you the best possible results

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Picking the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing an attorney for a criminal case is not an easy decision – most people usually don’t have a regular criminal defense lawyer as they do a mechanic or a family physician. The process can be made more difficult by the fact that many people don’t necessarily know what defines a “good” lawyer, especially in a criminal case.

recommend that you find a criminal defense lawyer that is not only supportive, but also has experience that’s directly relevant to your case. These are often lawyers who know exactly what to do and how to get things done – without consulting any resources or recent court decisions.